04 450R Noise, Cooling and Woods set up questions

Hey guy I picked up a new bike to me. It's a 2004 450R Bike is in good shape, Has Renthal Bars, One Inds. carbon fiber 1 piece skid plate, and header cover, Dirt tricks front and rear sproket, DID 520VM chain, Fastway F5 EVO Footpegs, Fastway Case saver, Clark 3.3 or 3.4gal tank, rear side panels with the 2 intake ports, SS reusable oil filter, and a gripper seat. Other than that I think it is stock I think.. I was told when I bought it from the second owner that they maybe put 100 hours on it and that it just had head work done but they did not know what was done just payed the bill... whatever..lol.

I changed all the fluids and took it out for a ride and the motor is strong trany shifts smooth but I noticed that there has a tap/knock sound when I put the engine in a high load and have the rpms down low. Any ideas??

I pulled the valve cover off today to check the valves and see how it looked under there.. it was clean and the cam lobes looked good (no burns spots) the valves clearance however was .000 they were snug up to the lifters. I will confess that I could not find the "T" mark on the fly wheel but I took it around to see if there lifters ever came off and they did not. I also could not figure out a way to turn the flywheel over other than with the kick start guess you have to pull the left side cover off?? how do I go about adjusting the valves? I know that I need shims but where are they in the head and how do they work?? I have done the screw style on my wifes TRX250X but all my bikes have been smokers.. what harm will come from running it like it is till I can get parts?

Also I have noticed that this bike gets hot in the slow stuff.. I picked this bike up to do Enduro and trail ride out here in Wy and Co. So I need to cool it down so that it will not push out all of its coolant. I was think of picking up a stator and running a head light and fan from a X maybe? Should I also get the larger radiators and a over flow set up.

What other stuff will this bike need to compete in a enduro race? The suspension seem very stiff but my front fork is leaking fluid so I dont know how it will be when it is properly sealed up and topped off with fluid. will it need to be revalved for the woods?

Thanks guys!

*** I just noticed after I posted and saw my avatar pic that the last time I was on this sight was 2007 when I had my DRZ400..lol Miss that bike!***

i have an 02 and an 03 crf450r. I would try getting fluidyne radiators for it. They are expensive but really help to keep the bike cooler. I also run engine ice coolant in my bikes. I have noticed my bike running up to 20 degrees cooler running in the woods. It costs $20 half gallon but well worth it

i use engine ice, and a 1.6 radiator cap. the bike is fine in the tight trails.

Engine ice, suspension, and a 120 back tire seem to be the best thing I could do to make my 2004 a perfect bike.

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