slip-on spark arestor

Does anyone know of a spar arestor which will slip on over the stock exhaust? I will be doing the occasional trail riding and would like to have a spark arestor, but it's not worth the price of a full silencer for me.


You can buy a BMP kit for around $140. I bought one and it works good - improved mid power with no real lost power that I noticed. You have to drill off the end cap and slide in the kit and put in the screws. I had to slot the holes just slightly. I got the FMF end cap instead of the BMP one the FMF has spark arrestor stamped on it. should get you there. Also if you do a search this unit was discussed about 4-5 months back. Any questions just email. BTW If you want it quick you need to tell them other wise you get the slow pickup shipping.



99YZ400F (him)

00TTR125 (her)

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