Zero valve clearance???

07 450 sxf inake valves at zero clearance, not sure if I should try to shim it or do I need to plan on a head job. How much can you shim before you have to do a valve job? What can I expect to spend on a valve job? THANX!!

It needs to be done. How many hours on the bike since last adjust? Did it suck dirt to wear them prematurely? Should be fine for a couple of adjusts before it is worn out. $100 is a fair price.

Actually don't have any maintenance records bought the bike at a auction(dealer out of biz)

I was curious how thin of a shim you can go on these? And are you saying I should try to shim it first before rebuilding the head? I have some very basic 4 stroke knowledge ,and these motors are new to me. Thanx all the help is very helpful

yes, try to shim it first. One sign of the intakes tight is hard starting. If you remove the carb and look in the bore you may see black carbon from the exhaust gases going back into the carb. This shows its been that way for a while and the valve seats may be cut from the hot gases and may not seal well. I would just shim it one time and see how it goes.

Thanks for the info! Its appreciated.

Are you sure you are on the correct TDC?

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