Tire deals

A while back there was a post concerning tire prices/places to buy.Where's the best deal these days?

www.swmototires.com has some good deals. Free shipping. You need to add shipping to lots of the on-line shops that offer deals. You might get a good deal on a tire but pay high shipping charges. Just add it up first.

That's who I was looking for! Pretty good deals,no tax!

What's your thought on the Dunlop D606 (front)?Bike would be a CR250,Baja!Supposed to wear tough. What about all around handling,etc.?

I run the Dunlop D606's. Great price on them at Rockymountainatv, If I remember right the rear was only $56.00 or so.

The 606 works good in rocks but sucks in sand. In Baja I run M-12's or D756 front non Dot with heavy duty tubes and the 140 S-12 or Michelin Baja rear. I picked up the rear 756 for $52.95 for the DRZ and the front for $49.95 delivered.

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