01 - 426 how much used?

Looking at 01 426 used..good shape.

Ridden on trails...maybe 15 hours.

Yamaha shop done all work..Valves checked.

So how much guys? $4200-$4400?


That would be an extremely good price. I would jump on it for that price...

I just paid $4800 and that was the best price I've seen in the south east for a 2001

Coolhand, nice to have you aboard.

Great price on the 01, Is it stock? Piped or ?

You will enjoy that suspension & the rest

Did you ever fix the 400 silencer that exploded?

Some of us old guys are going to Blairsville Sunday,if you are interested.....

426, The pipe has had it. Hole the size

of your fist at the end. Blarsville sounds

good, will it hold the rain?

The bike is 100% stock. So $4400 is good?

Its coming up on the 02s coming out so

I think thats about on par.

4400 is good. Hurry up & buy it.

Blairsville will be ideal if the rain stops tonight. They will til up the track tomarrow, It is supposed to be dry Sat & Sun, so the track should be perfect Sunday. If it rains though Sat/Sun - Loganville is the only choice.

David Strever will be riding also on Sun w/me

(He is kinda tired of loganville)


Couldn't wait for the 02. I heard just minor changes. Picked up a 01 two weekes ago..it rips. Just learning how to start it! At the Bremen race I was ready to sell it for a new YZ250! You going to the Paradise Race? If so, I'll see you there.

Brian Williams


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