426 Advice needed please

I just purchased a used 01 426 and need to replace some parts. Could anyone please answere some questions.

What's the best chain and sprockets that doesn't break the bank?

What type of motor oil to use?

What type of air filter to use?

Best frame guards for the money?

Can you get frame spray paint to cover the worn spot from the boots? Where?

Best place to get these items?

Thanks so much for your help. I'm looking forward to getting this bike back in shape and doing some riding with my son.

As for chains, I got one of the Renthal works chains (non O-ring) and I've used it for most of last season and this one, still going strong. They will also sell you a kit with sprockets for a reasonable price. One place I shop is www.denniskirk.com, and another good one is Rocky Mountain but I don't know the URL. hmmm I can't remember what else you asked but I'm sure some of the others cats here will chime in...


Oh yeah- oil hehehe. That is a highly debatable subject and you can get lots of opinions here, look back at the older posts for more info here but the one thing to avoid is any type of oil with "energy conserving" or "friction modifiers" on the label because of the wet clutch...

PJ1 makes Yamaha Blue spray paint, which is a very close match for your YZF. For the frame rail paint that rubs off with the upper part of your boot, I found that clear number plate backing, cut into strips about 1"+ wide and applied over the freshly painted tubes, will hold up quite well.

If I purchase another YZF, I won't bother with the frame guards again, I'll just let the paint rub off on the lower part of the frame.


Holeshot's Page

Rocky Mountain's address is


excellent prices !!!

if they are out of stock on what you need, try http://www.hipersports.com/

Also really good prices, but seem to out of stock less often the Rocky Mountain.


No-Toil is excellent air filter oil. You wash it out with their cleaner with soap and water in the sink if you want.

Like MikeOK said do a search about oil and you should find a lot of info. Many people, including myself, use Mobil 1 15w50 auto oil with excellent results. It offers good price, performance and availability.

Another good non-o-ring chain is the DID ERT. It has lasted me quite a while. You can get it from www.rockymountainmc.com for about $55 or from www.servicehonda.com for $48. You can also go with a RK x-ring chain for about $55 from rockymountain. Supposed to be a very good chain.

I use the Acerbis plastic frame guards, which are pretty much the same as the GYT-R Yamaha ones. They work pretty good, you just have to put something like rubber or plastic graphic material behind them or they will scratch the frame. They are only about $21.

Hope this helps.

sprockets are sprockets. get the ones that look the coolest.

if you use o-ring chains, then i firmly believe the did x-ring is the best out there, however it is spendy. worth it though.

mobil 15w-50. about $5/quart. don't use any car oil, however, that has energy saving additives. read the label.

filters are filters.

ufo. they go higher on the frame than any other gaurd i've seen. for some reason, acerbis and the others failed to notice that your boot will wear the paint clear up by the tank.


will pattison

racer, engineer


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