Noisy Clutch

I noticed today on my 09 450 as i was riding at the local track and it sounded like the clutch was making a winding sound, when i pulled in the clutch handle it stoped. Even when the bike was idiling i could still hear it. The bike has around 60-70 hours on it. Am i looking at replacing the clutch?

The clutch won't make any such noise. You're probably hearing some fairly normal gear noise from the trans. It stops when you pull the clutch in because the trans stops turning when you disconnect it from the engine.

Soooooo...... am i possibly looking at new trans gears?

You need to take stuff apart to find the problem. Start with taking the clutch cover off to inspect the clutch, if no problems are found, keep going. No one without a crystal ball can tell you whats wrong with your bike over the internet.

its normal.

its normal.

X2, completely normal.. unless you can hear it from 8 feet away.

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