Anyone happen to have clutch plate specs for '03 WR450?

Long story short, I'm working on a buddy's WR450, and he doesn't have / didn't leave the service manual with me. I've got a couple domed clutch steels, and I'm wanting to measure the remaining steels and fiber plates to see where they fall in relation to the service limits.

Does anyone happen to have the service limit specs for these plates that they'd be willing to post up? If, by some miracle, I could come across this info in the next 2 or so hours, it would be GREAT! I know, I know...beggars, choosers, and all that. :smirk:

I am working on a friend's '05 wr450 - his clutch as well. The manual for his calls for 0.115 - 0.121 for the friction plate.

Why are you working on his clutch - what are his symptoms? Reason for the question is I am not finding anything here on the forums doing thread searches that talk about a clutch that disengages, but won't slip. I ride a KTM and the clutch is fabulous. I rode his WR once and realized that he has a clutch that is either engaged or disengaged - no in between. Don't mean to hijack, but thought it might be the same issue on your end?

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