Question for Gray

Since you are the ultimate YZ guru :smirk: I was hoping a little insight with the counter shaft balancer gear.....replaced my water pump seal with the side cover off and reinstalled everything again when I noticed the counter shaft gear had a bit of slop mating to the primary gear. Not much to be honest but it still raised a bit of concern. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

There's normally some gear lash in those two.

Thanks for the ease of mind.....I was actually hunting down a tick I recently had but it turned out to be a leaky exhaust collar off my FMF exhaust. Still when you see gear lash it is hard to gander what is an acceptable amount. There is some very slight wear on all the gears but at least the primary gear is solid and I also checked the crank shaft bearings for play but it seems to be good as well. Another thing I discovered was I was able to peep up into the cylinder from the crankshaft openings......what an easy way of inspecting your top end wear without the hassle of removing the head.

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