Dietrich on YZ450F for X Games EnduroCross?

He threw that bike around like a 250F which makes me think it may have been, but his usual ride is the big bike, obviously. Don't want to give away the action in case some of you are taping/watching it later, but to see the Yamaha hucked across logs lap after lap was almost inspiring. Wow!!

Yah, i didnt see a rearward facing cylinder which leads me to believe its not a 450. I just find it odd for him to be riding a 250 though

I'll have to go back and look, as its easy to spot a 250 from a 450. It would make sense though as traction was at a premium and you really don't need a 450 on a small course like that.

prolly already seen this


that would be a 250f...

i would call that a 250f

i would call that a 250f


It probably didn't make the TV coverage, but I got a great view of his bike as he sat right in front of us kicking until he was almost lapped in the first heat. He stalled it going over the very first log.

That being said, he pulled the biggest jump of the night on the next lap, doubling off the second large log and over the little RR tie laying across the course.

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