Discovered my Kick Start problem

hey guys

i posted about a week ago about my kick starter problem. it was like the spring was broken cause i would push the kick starter down and it wouldn't come back up. i thought the spring was broken but after taking off the right side engine covers and clutch, me and my dad discovered that for some reason the kickstarter engaged with the engine and it slammed the stop on the shaft back forward into the engine case. yamaha has a stop built that slides the shift stop over so the gear will spin freely after the engine fires up. well my stop had slammed and wedged itself nto teh slide and casing. i know this all sounds confusing to some of u but ia m goin to post pics for ya'll soon. i wonder if this is the first time this has happened. well talk to ya'll later.


I have a crf450 r an have broken a little tab on the crank case. This tab helps to locate the kick starter internal stop plate. The stop plate still has a bolt to secure it down. Is this bolt enough to keep the stop plate from coming loose. What is the fix for this ? H:ride:as anyone ever experienced this ?

8 year old thread in a Yamaha WR forum.

You'll need to ask this stuff in the CRF forum to get better answers.

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