08 stator screws backed out

i have an 08 yz450 and today the bike stalled and would not start. i later learned it did not have any spark. as i took off the stator cover, one bolt fell into the inside of the cover along with a rubber o-ring as the other bolts were half way backed out. the one bolt was partially damaged.

my question is does anyone know where this o-ring belongs and am i able to just rebolt the stator or is a new one needed? there did not appear to be any damage to the stator itself. thanks

The same thing actually happened to me on my 08 in a desert race 2 miles from the finish. That was not a fun push back to the pits cause I was running really will and it was snowing on us all race long. I guess the 08 has a problem with that from the way it sounds cause I know another guy that also had the same problem. I wasn't so lucky though. My stator was damaged so I actually put in an 09 stator which was supposed to be better from what I heard. I made sure to put some loctite on the bolts when I replaced it also. Your stator should be fine if there appears to be no damage. But Im not sure about the o ring. It was a while back when I had it apart. I don't know why they only put 3 screws in the 08 to secure that down. Kind stupid.

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The O-ring goes in the upper left of the gasket surface, around the dowel sleeve where the return oil passage is. There's a well cut for it to sit into.

thanks gray/ryder, i see exactly where it goes. im going to clean it up this morning and see if it will fire.

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