DIrt inside valve cover !!

I had my valve cover off the other day to check my valve clearances , which wre still bang on after the initial break in adjustment, but I did notice some small bits of dirt right where the crankcase breather hose attaches. Has anyone else noticed this if so, has anyone done any sort of mod to prevent this?? I do not like dirt getting into the engine of an $8000.00 bike or any bike for that matter.. :D:)

Thanks for any input


Dirt also gets in at the rubber side covers on the cam cover. Normally it is a very small amount. The oil will pick it up and take it to the filter. It is impossible to keep dirt out of the engine. All dirt bike allow some small dirt and dust particles in through the vent hose and past the air filter and air intake. Do not worry about it. Just make sure it is not excessive. High temp silicone should do the trick for your issue if it is excessive. :)

Maybe a PCV valve could be installed in the crankcase vent hose to prevent this :)...

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