To Hot Cam or not to hot cam?

Check your timing

yeh im going to tomorrow after work. Now when i put the cams in my dumb a$$ dropped a shim down the freeking timing chain.......i got it but i had to pull the fly wheel and i think the woodroff key got sheared so well see.......i know the timing was set right i checked the manual it was right......How easy is it to break a timing chain?:)

And it RUNS!!!!! I had the timing correct and the key didn't shear off......i cleaned the carb again and disconnected all the molex plugs and cleaned them and put it back together and she fired up......didnt get to ride it cuz weather sux in ohio right now.......and it was dark....ill post again after i get some time with my new cams..:)

OK iv been riding all week with the new cams on my little track and trails and they did what hot cams said it would more top end pull and mid range with a smooth duration of power delivery i love great my recommendation is do them both at the same time and order them as a set as it will save you money. And with the bk mod no bog.....the only negative i feel and its probably just me but some bottom end is gone....Anyone doing a winter 426 rebuild i would put this at the top of my list :)

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