Quick Question,What works best,Baha Designs jet ki

Baha Designs jet kit or genuine Honda jets[Keihin] and drilling slide/shimming needle trick.Any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks

The Honda Kit is a fixed configuration with a 175 main jet. The BAJA Kit is customized according to your response to the following questions:

Is your engine stock?

What elevation do you ride at?

What exhaust are you using or plan on using?

What kind of riding do you do?

The jet needle (with clip in 3rd seat position) in the Honda kit is equivalent to the stock Honda jet needle (with clip in 4th seat position. I would expect that the BAJA Kit jet needle you receive will depend on your answers to the above questions.

In either case you are going to have to buy additional main jets for various altitudes, so in the end it really doesn't matter whether you get the Honda or BAJA Designs Kit.

Neither kit includes a new pilot jet. It you are at or near sea level you will want a 68S pilot jet.

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