metal throttle tube

with cut out for bark busters? who makes em? anyone?

what does that insert do for you that is different from the ones that come with hadnguards? cycra's to be more specific?

I honestly couldn't tell ya, I don't own one personally - only heard some good things about them. Looking at the pic, I don't see why you couldn't buy just the PT throttle tube and remove the end piece. But I'm also wondering if the Barkbuster insert would seal off the end of the tube so you don't get dirt and crud in between the tube and the bars, and still allow you to mount the handguards.

The metal tubes have a smaller hole drilled in them than the size of the handlebar so they "cup" the end of the handlebar where a plastic tube with tge end cut off can be slid all the way up the bar. Do you need the insert? No, but making it all fit and not bind, especially after a tipover on the throttle side when it all gets mashed together is far easier.

On my CR I ended up grinding out a bunch of the end of the tube but it was never 100%. Once I put on Bark Busters I didn't see much of a reason to go with an aluminum tube though as the main reason I found for them was crash damage on the end would be far less with the aluminum one where plastic would break. Bark busters eliminated that issue as the guarded the end of the bar.


I've had one in the past, and to tell the truth, didn't really care for it. It seemed to me that it "corroded" fairly quickly and was more of a hassle than it was worth. What I don't remember was if I was running steel handlebars, causing the dis-similar metals to corrode. What's causing you to think you need one? Maniac

I have G2 throttles on my YZ's and they have removeable caps on the ends. They work just as well with or without hand guards. Haven't had them long enough to notice any corrosion issues.

What's causing you to think you need one? Maniac
well, just needing to change out some parts, and thought the metal might be a better option than the plastic. my bike came with acerbis plastic guards (no bar) and the plastic throttle tube is a bit cracked. I am slowly gathering parts for the winter tear down. thought it may be better to replace with metal than plastic. and i am going to add some handguards with the metal bar. i am liking the look of the pro bends with the low profile shields.

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