Has anyone used Amsoil? I understand that it doesn't have fiction modifiers (wet clutch compatable). I used it in my YZ250 with good luck. It is a little expensive...5.50per Qt.. What weight?...10W40 or 20W50 would you suggest? First oil change after about 3 to 4 hours break in. Lots of trash (looks more like clutch plate material) in the that normal for first change? I am assuming so. Thanks for any help.

Brian Williams


i run Amsoil 20w50 Motorcycle Specific in my yz250f. i have since the 5th oil change. that was a long time (and 8 races ago). i have a picuture in the yz250f pics section of my oil report analysis that i had done. i really feel that in my first race this year, the Amsoil saved my clutch. we had 5 bikes not finish the first lap becuase of clutch problems (most of them 400/426's) and my friend that used yamalube 4r totally trashed his 426 clutch to the point of needing a new basket, hub and full clutch pack.

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