Moose Radiator Guards on 2010-11 YZ450

Anyone running Moose Radiator Guards on their 2010-11 YZ450? Would love some input and/or pics if you can post them.

I've owned my 2011 for 3 months and already been through a set of WC braces and now have my radiator off to Myler's for repair. GYTR braces look to be the the same build as WC which were basically worthless. I guess it would help to stay off the ground but we all know how that goes.....

I want to start over with something different. I'm hearing good things about Moose guards, but also hear they don't fit properly and make the schrouds stick out another 1/2 inch or so. Is this true? The shrouds are already wide on this bike and not too excited about making them wider. I guess I could live with 1/2 inch for good protection but nothing more.

Most of my riding is moto so not really interested in the full-cage protection. Any advice is appreciated!

I just put them on my 2011 but havn't dropped my bike that many times so I don't have much review to give... They certainly will protect your radiators better than most other options, I personally looked at all the options for radiator guards and the only ones that looked useful were the Moose racing guards, all other guards look like they won't protect anything... As for making the shroud's being bigger I would have to say I couldn't really noticed a difference. They seemed just as big as they always have.... And that's all I can really tell you. Hope that helps in some way. heh.

GYTR and WC braces are absolute crap so go withe moose for sure !! Whats the turn around time at Mylers ? is it realy only a day and then theyre back in the mail ?

Whats the turn around time at Mylers ? is it realy only a day and then theyre back in the mail ?
In the only experience I've had with them, I sent the radiator out on a Monday, they received it, fixed it, and shipped it on Wednesday, and I had it back Friday morning, standard FedEx shipping.

Thanks TripleUp. Thats what I was hoping for! Any issues with installation? My rads are already off so I don't anticipate any problems, just curious.

Yzmonkey, Not sure on turn around because I just shipped them off yesterday. I'll defer to grayracer on that one.

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