help me choose a handlebar bend.

I just swapped in some ProTaper Contour "KX HIGH" bars. I haven't heard of anyone else using that bend, so I thought I'd post my experience. I probably would have tried a different bend if I bought new (based on what others posted) but these popped up locally for $40 so I thought I'd give 'em a try.

The difference was dramatic. The bike actually feels lighter to me. I had my old bars rolled forward in the clamps, whereas these new bars feel comfortable in a much more neutral position. I don't feel like I'm pressing as hard on the grips anymore and the soreness in my shoulders after long rides is much improved.

This bend seems to have more sweep than others are running, but... it works for me. BTW, I'm 6'1" and the bike is a '08

1/8" - 1/4" taller, LOL

I have a few friends around your height with stock bars. Whenever they jump on a guys bike with taller bars and risers they always comment on how much more comfortable it is. I don't let them swap bikes with me, cause I know how shitty their setup is.

At 6'1", I'd recommend a riser and taller bars.

At 6'1", I'd recommend a riser and taller bars.

My son is 6'4" and runs Windhams. Just pointing that out.

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