New AZ track on the way

I hope your prediction comes true. Best of luck w/ the new playground.

God Bless


Is this the same guy who has posted a few times on He sounds like he is financially, physically, and mentally up to the task! Best of luck to him and his crew, my whole east valley neighborhood will be there if he does a good job on the project!


I ride out at the Gold Canyon state land all the time. Do you have any contact information? I have a shovel and a strong back, and would be willing to throw in a hand where necessary to get the job done. Drop me a line....



A neighbor of mine in the East Valley is currently in negotiations with the local bureaucracy to lease some state trust land for the purposes of building a new MX track. The "big picture" is to build a track between Gilbert and Apache Junction to serve us beleaguered EV riders. The neighbor and his partner are some sort of real estate developer cats and have the earth moving equipment available to them, and have already hired a professional track designer. The idea is to have the track up and ready by this fall for daytime practice this winter. Lights will be installed as the place gets up and running and final layout adjustments are made with input from riders and vendors etc, so night practice will be available next summer. And, no, this guy is not some kind of fly-by-night jamoke with big dreams and a small wallet.

I hearby predict that, once this track opens, I will be the slowest guy on it.

This would be GREAT, we have been waiting so LONG for an East Valley track!

Let me know if you need any help!



I sure hope your right on this !!! There have been rumors floating for as long as most can remember. Keep us posted

Wow. Excellent responses. I couldn't tell you if it's the same guy who posted previously on, but I can tell ya'll he's a pretty switched-on dude. I'll keep everyone posted and try to find out if and when the time comes for voluntary manual labor and/or beer runners.



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