Riding without oil

Forgeting to tighten my oil plug I went riding and it fell out somewhere on the 3 to 4 mile loop I was riding. It ran perfect during the whole loop even during the last 100 yards where it crawled through the driveway to my parking spot. I didn't realize it was gone until the next day when I tried to start it and noticed that ring to sleeve noise (bad). Checking the dipstick I saw a drop of oil on the bottom, then I looked down at my motor and noticed no oil plug (very bad). Question, running Mobil 1 and not riding hard how much damage would you expect if any? I flushed out motor and looked very closley at what came out. I would compare it to the metalflake scare you get on your first oil change. Would like to hear other stories of riding with no oil. Sorry to bring back the bad memories. Mike

Did any oil drip out after you parked it or near the end of your loop? Try going back through the loop to find out where most of the oil gushed out. Your engine should be ok...Time will tell.

Mine did that in a hare scramble. It just kinda stopped and when I tried to start it I got a lot more resistance on the kickstart than I should have. Mine made 18 miles from the start of the race.

My advice would be put oil in it and let it run a bit then drain it out and check for metal shavings. If lots then you may want teardown the engine. If no shavings then drain the oil again and run as normal. It's either going to break or its not. The only other thing I would do is get a magnetic drain plug, and safty wire the booger on after every change.


As racemile suggested I bought a magnetic plug and filled bike with oil and ran it for about 5 minutes. Wierd thing is I put in 1.8 quarts of oil without the bottom drain plug in (trying to flush out motor before a second engine running flush) and no oil came out it all stayed in the frame reseviour. Since no oil came out I put the plug in and started it, it started first kick. I let it run for 5 minutes I drained frame oil into a clear plastic bottle to see what came out. It looked clean. Also took out and cleaned frame screen. I stuck my finger into the frame hole and found a big piece about .75mm. Inspecting the oil filter and oil from the case with another plastic bottle I would compare it to the first oil change when it was brand new with lots of metalflake with only 3 small noticable pieces. After flushing I put in new oil filter and Mobil 1 red cap and it started right up. I have not checked compression other than it takes about 2 seconds of my wieght 195# on the kickstarter before it passes TDC. I hope thats alright I never tested it before this happened. Thanks for the support, it sucks doing stupid stuff. Thanks Mike

Welcome to the 'my drain plug fell out' club Mike. Also known as the $2000 mistake club. I was even riding in the rain and noticed there was sure alot of oil on the ground that day ... My oil. :D

I think I ran 10 - 15 minutes w/o oil ... When it siezed my knee jerk instinct was to slam on the gas which scored the cylinder wall pretty good.

Wish good luck to ya, hope you caught it in time. :)

You had Mobil 1 in it { smart move } you should be ok

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