wr450 woodruff key

My friend and I both bought new 450s last month.Mine sheared a key at about 100 miles.His won't downshift to 3rd,2nd,or 1st,and his also has about 100 miles on it.

I just found TT while researching our problems.Wish we knew about it sooner.I rode my old CR480 for years and I never had to push it.

Yamaha has agreed that they have a problem with the taper on the crankshaft. They are replacing mine right now.


Jeff,let us know how things go.Alot of us are watching this topic and if Yamaha is acknowledging a problem and is going to warranty a crank/rotor then I for one do not want to be left out!The other day I printed 67 pages of posts on this topic to give to my dealer,by now there are more.They willingly fixed my bike the first time but they might balk at replacing a crank/rotor:my 30 day warranty is up!

How many times did yours break?


I had trouble with my shifter sticking down for the first couple of rides. I have read threads from others with the same issue. It gets better on its own. As for the key, fatter jetting (starter jet too) seems to limit the problem.

Mine has been a pet rock and the only problem I have is shredding rear tires.

Ride fast - take chances


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