2003 wr450

looking for a full crank for a 03 wr 450 - cannot get a full oem one - the guys at Hotrod are telling me two different things .one guy is saying it fits another saying it doesn't with their part number 4162 , on their web site saying 04 to 05

Any one have some advice on where i can get one and brand?

I've got no experience with a hotrod crank. But, if you are looking for other options, then definitely look into using a Wiseco crank kit... you'll still need a few gaskets (neutral switch oring, oil filter cap orings, waterpump orings, oil feed cross tube orings, trans output shaft oring) but, all the precut gaskets in the kit & the bearings fit beautifully. Also I tested the crank and it ran true. I've put quite a few hard km's on my kit and haven't had any issues thus far. Also I'd look into getting a new woodruff key for the flywheel, because if I'm not mistaken there were some issues with early 450's.

I don't believe it's the same as 04-06 as there was some differences with the flywheel or something having to do with the electric starter. Search, this is old into that's been covered.


You can't buy a Wiseco or Hotrods crank for an 03. They only fit 04-06. You can buy an OEM crank for an 03, but it's expensive, 5TJ-11400-00-00 +/- $450. You can use an 04-06 crank, but will need an 04-06 flywheel and nut, as well as the starter gear. The starter clutch and everything else is the same. :eek:

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