what oil to run

was wondering what oil everyone is runnin, ive been using yamalube but am lokking for something less expensive


I had a day off the other day and decided to research this oil issue a bit. I must have called all the major oil companies tech lines. The main thing is dont use an oil with friction modifiers, usually this will be indicated by the "energy conserving" found in the bottom ring of the dognut label. Some oil techs told me that this is not a reliable indicator. The bottom line: when in doubt call the oil manufacturer. I settled on Shell RotellaT 15w40, with NO problems. I was told that this, Quaker State HDX,and some other heavy duty type mineral oils are very similar to Yamalube 4. RotellaT and other similar heavt duty mineral oils can be bought at walmart for about $1.50/qt. not bad compared to 3.49 for yamalube4. I cant see spending the money for synthetics when I change my oil so often. Good luck. :)

I thought I would give my bike a few oil changes before I reported this. I now have three races and a couple practice nights (4 oil changes) using Castrol Syntec Blend. It's at Wal-Mart for about $2 a quart, and it doesn't have friction modifiers in it. The pure Syntec does, but the blend does not. Anyway, so far no problems, and my clutch actually seems a but smoother with this instead of the Yamalube 4R I've been using the last year or so. My clutch has had the slight grrronch sound all along if I don't warm it up, and probably still would, but it seems like this might be a compromise between the expensive sythetics and the cheaper mineral oils...


"My clutch has had the slight grrronch sound all along"

Is that because a "grouch" is riding it? LOL

sorry couldn't resist after the scum comment! :)



I've used Bel Ray EXS fully synthetic super bike oil for about a year now. I decided to try this oil after reading an article about how this oil is purported to help notchy shifting, in addition to being compatible with wet clutches. It sure "seemed" to have helped shifting and certainly had no effect on my clutch. It's NOT cheap. While I have no doubt that it is an excellent oil choice, I'm not so sure it's really necessary. Hopefully, Yamaha will follow Honda's lead and separate the transmission/clutch from the engine oiling system and we can use friction modified oil in the crankcase and mineral based oils in the transmission/clutch sump. Yamaha dropped the ball on this one.

I have worked and a couple of shops and have heard all the stories about oil .I will say this car oil is for cars .It is blended different and it doesn't have the additives for the abuse of the clutch.I have seen the results on some engines .I f you do use car oil you must change it after EVERY ride .I run your standard honda gn4 or for those of you who like syn,golden spectro is great it is the best of both worlds a syn with a petrolum base .excuse my spelling i need hooked on phonics .

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