Anybody using "LE" 20W-50 oil?

I've been hearing really good things about "Lubrication Engineers" or (LE) motor oil. They make a 20W-50 which I'm thinking about switching to. Been using Mobil 1 car oil so far. Any feedback from LE users???


Check out the post on the YZ side titled "oil change????"



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I couldn't find that post. There are many others relating to oil, but not that specific one. I checked the others and couldn't find anything on LE oil. Am I missing it?



You mean to tell me you are supposed to change the oil in a WR more than every other year?

I tried to provide the link, but suck at that. Also my memory appears to suck.

It's posted as "engine oil????" and is posted by zdylanh.

It has a link that will take you to a laymans article about oils. It made me change the type of oil I had been using, even though what I used is rated OK. Nothing is to good for my baby :)


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Thanks Bill.

20/50 is pretty heavy. It offers great protection in extreme heat conditions, but it robs alot of HP. Alot of people go no more than 10/40. (though synthetics have a different way of rating viscosity spreads such as 15w/40) 10/30W is fine for most people.


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