New Clutch with alot of cable slack

I just installed a new EBC clutch kit and springs on my bike and I also put on a new cable made by Tusk. The cable has been adjusted out all the way to where I almost have no more adjustment for when the cable stretches. I havent tried the old cable yet but this new cable seems to be too long. I had the cable installed with the original clutch and I had the same issue but not as bad.

The problem is the plates you used are not the correct thickness. They will also very likely drag quite a bit until they get burned in a bit. As the clutch wears, the plates will get thinner, and you will need to add slack to the cable, so you should be OK.

Next time, use OEM plates.

Thanks Gray. I really appreciate it. The basket is a Hinson but the hub and pressure plate is OEM. I just thought maybe my cable was too long.

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