suggestions on polishing aluminum...

My aluminum frame guards and WB R4 exhaust are starting to look nasty...and I was wondering if there are any tricks to polishing them? Do you use emory cloth, 600-1200 grit wet sandpaper, acid wash, etc? Since it is raining cats and dogs here in the Houston area and I cant ride this weekend I need to "baby" my YZ some LOL! I would appreciate any comments/suggestions you have! Thanks,



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it is a material close to the same as a kitchen scrub pad.

You can get it at any body shop supply store.

Not Maico or earl schibe but the actual supply store.

They sell different "grits" kinda like steel wool but sturdier and lasts a long time.

May even be able to get it at a hardware store!

works pretty good on spokes and wheels too.

I always buff down my frame with it b4 i paint it .



How is that pipe Garret?

Give it a rub with the SB too doesn't last long but sure looks sweet right after it is done and b4 you get it red hot!



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It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

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i know its not gonna help your question but one of the cheap ways i "baby" my bikes is i go to the hardware store and for 2.00 get a roll of aluminum duck tape. Its like aluminum cut as thick as foil but comes on a roll with adhesive. Its a cheap form of frame gaurds but if applied carefully enough with a hair dryer it can look pretty trick and lasts bout 6months before it needs reapplied

Hey motoman!

go to any car parts store and pick up a jar of Mother's metal & aluminum polish. The stuff is incredible!!! I rubed down my frame guards and pipe and I literally could see my reflection in them. It's about 5 bucks and takes about 10 minuets to do. Stop waseting time! Go,go,go!!! BTW- I like you pics that are posted!!


I have tried scotchbrite and they work fairly well but take awhile and when used w/wd40 it works even better!


I have used that aluminum tape method on my old XR's and it works rather well. I was given frames guards(for free) from a friend who didnt need I run them instead of duct tape!


That sounds good I think I will go get a jar of that stuff today! It is flooded in my neck of the woods so I may have to wait a couple of days (gotta love Hurricane season in TX)

Thanks everyone for suggestions,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

You can also use the aluminum polish and different steel wool to polish as well. If it is really chewed, use a coaser one. I use the super-fine and it gives a very polished polished.

DO NOT USE ONLY POLISHED ALUMINUM!!!! Even aluminum polish will mar machine polishing. I didn't think and use a bit of polish on the swingarm of my quad. It looked like a mirror before, now it's a bit frosted.

stupid, stupid, stupid.....


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I use a product called jewlers rouge. It comes three colors green white and red green being the best its a medium grit. I have a semi truck with over 6.000 dollars in polished wheels to maintain you don't need to rub a whole lot like you do with mothers and other brands. I use it on my yzf polished swing arm it takes about five minutes to do the swing arm and the same for my pollished fork tubes. It leaves a mirror finnish and last about a month or so. You can find it in any truck stop.

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