Which WR rear shocks are interchangeable

I have a 2000 WR400. I'm looking at replacing my rear shock absorber assembly. Can I buy a shock from a newer WR or YZ and have it fit? I see a reasonable priced one on ebay from a 2006 WR450.

the rear spring is interchangeable from 1998 throw 2009.the full suspension i think is changed in 2003.

98-02 wr and yz are the same lenght

the newer shocks are longer by 1/8 inch about. will make the bike sit about 1/2 higher at the seat


Thanks for the info. I don't care if the bike sits a little taller, I'm 6'4". As long as it doesn't mess up the steering geometry. I would assume raising the rear would have a similar effect as to lowering the front?

This gives me a few more options for finding a new shock absorber assembly. My current one doesn't seem to have any dampening. I'm looking to get a new (to me) shock assembly so I don't have to be without my bike during the riding season.

Are the YZ and WR shocks vavled differentely?

I think only the 03-05 shocks are 5mm longer.

My friends 06 YF250f shock is the same length as my '00 Wr400.

My 04 Wr250f shock was 5mm longer than both.

Cool, I just bought an '01 WR rear shock assembly. Now to get the proper spring for it and determine what work it needs.

What spring do you need?

I have a bunch.

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