WR 450 owners

Those of you with a few miles on your bikes take a look under the chain slide on your swingarm. I happened to look under mine tonight right where the extruded side part is welded to the cast center part. The plastic slide is wearing into the aluminum on the extruded part. Has anyone else noticed this? I have 1400 miles on my bike and am wondering if it is going to get worse or has it gotten as bad as it's going to? I am thinking of Permatexing a thin piece of stainless steel to the swingarm in that spot to prevent it from getting worse.



This has been an issue with all of the WR's (I'm sure with YZF's, too) since they were introduced in 1998. There are several things that can be done to resolve the issue and what you're suggesting would be a good one. Some people install rubber between there and I read that the tmdesignworks or ziptyracing chainguides also resolve this issue.


Dave is correct. The first thing that I did on my WR450 was install a TM Designworks chain slider. It wears like iron and there is no damage to the swingarm. Just another fine product made right here in the Rogue River valley of So. Oregon, along with Steahly Flywheel weights.


Why doesn't Yamaha address this issue? Seems they are heading for a liability law suit if that swingarm happened to break in that area.

BTW Jim, I think the best product that comes from the Rogue River Valley has to be Dead Guy Ale by the Rogue River Brewing CO. :)



I have the TM on my bike. You may have noticed the "clakitty-clakkity" sound that eminates from the rear, but I have yet to wear that damn thing out...

Will show you Wednesday night...

lowedog what kind of name is that. :)

You can also remove the chain slider, put a bead of silicone under where the slider goes, put it back on, tighten it down and your done.

You have to grease the bearings before you ride it too. It's all just bike prep. :)

I just noticed mine has worn through too.... I had the TM slider on my 98. Man, that thing bothered me, it was just as loud as my bike. I figure that the stock slider will last a couple thousand miles.. That's good enough for me.. They're not that pricey..



TM does not use that hard, hard material anymore. They have a differant stuff that wears well but is not so noisey. I had the hard white style on my WR400 and now have the softer black one on the WR450. It's much quieter and still wears well and a hell of alot cheaper than getting that groove in the swing arm heliarc welded up.


They have a differant stuff that wears well but is not so noisey.

Jim, Thanks for the heads up!!! I didn't know that..



I,m a new Wr450 owner and would like to know where I can get one of these swingarm guards. Is there a website?

thanks :)


Do you mean that the slider has worn through or that the swingarm has been worn through. My slider looks in pretty good shape but it's the area where the slider is wearing into the aluminum that bothers me. I think I'll get a TM designworks slider coming also. There goes another $80. :)


Save the $80, take out the top rear mount screw, block up chain and slider, clean the hell out of exposed swingarm, and glue a strip of old inner tube to the swingarm. Or, glue it to the back of the slider..

Slider Fix

Or read Motoman393's take on the subject, thanks Garrett!

Motoman393 Site Click on "tech articles" and then scroll down.

Use the $80 to buy something better, like beer and steak for my fridge!

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