Fuel range on a 2011 yz450

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what the fuel range would be for a 2011 yz450 being used for enduros with pretty much stock setup and a tame type of map. Has the fuel comsumption improved much with EFI? Some reviews claim 6.2L is enough fuel for 1Hr of MotoX at race pace! would really like to know what mileage I would get tho. Any thoughts or experience appreciated. Havent bought one but about to pull the trigger!!!



it is actually really good fuel economy, if you have doubts you can get an ims tank as well.

On tight singletrack riding a casual pace I was able to get 43 miles before the tank was dry. I used a GPS to track mileage. I don't have an exact mileage but my IMS tank is good for around 60 miles. I will try and get an accurate number for the IMS soon. Your riding style, pace, and the terrain will all have an effect on the MPG.

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