Help me fixing this...

How do i fix a bent front wheel? It has a small bent because i hit a rock that was buried in the sand. The rest of the wheel is normal but i wanted to remove that "bump". Any ideas? Thanks.


Unless your rim is real bad (like the tire trying to jump off the rim, let it go. I REALLY DO understand you wanting it out of there! It is like thrashed plastic...You learn to accept it!!

The only thing that sucks about having dents in my rims is that everyone points them out to me all the time..."Dude, your rims are totally dented!!!" "Oh man.. Did you know that your rims are messed up... Kev is right, don't worry about it....

But, I have taken a sledge (s?) hammer to my front rim before with average results.. The hammer can take the dents down a little but the marks from the blows are just as ugly.....


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