HUGE fuel tanks for the WR450's...

These photos and links came across the WR450 mailing list.

Tank photo 1

Tank photo 2

The tank is 28-liters (7.4 US gallons) with a 25-liter version (6.6 US gallons) due to go into production at the end of this month. Now, if they'd only produce a 15-liter version (4 US gallons.) Here are the links to the Australian race team they were developed for:

Australian Safari

Australian Safari Yamaha link

Sorry, IMS. For WR owners, your 3.1 gallon model is LAME!! :)

You would need to change your fork springs half way through the ride! A 3 gallon tank would be nice if it was not an ims.

Wow!!! That one's new to me....

Yep, IMS could've done a better job than their 3.1 gallon...... I agree..

thanks for the photos...


Man that's ridiculous. 7 gallons of gas is an extra 70 pounds. That thing would handle like a gull wing! :)

Hey Fellas...

What's "wrong" with IMS? I am thinkin about pickin one up.



the petcock is right over the header ... tsss tsss tsss BOOOOOM that is if something goes wrong in a crash... :)

I do not understand why a 4 gallon design was not used and a short stop for refueling. You would be way faster than carrying 70lbs of fuel at the start! I want a 4 gallon version! what are these guys at IMS thinking? :)

They probably didn't use a 4G because of access to pits (or lack thereof) and sometimes there are rules about carrying gas (like you're not allowed to carry extra on a belt).

Seven gallons might be a bit much. The most I've had to carry was 5.0 IMS with 2 gallons on a belt, but that turned out to be way overkill.

? Question - would anyone here buy a 6.0 imported from Aus. for their 450?


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