FMF pipe problem

you need to go buy a new gasket that goes inbetween the 2 pipes! I had the same problem when I installed my White Bros R4! For a quick fix I used header wrap and wrapped it 3x around the header and clamped it on and it worked for 3 months or so! The gasket is only like $8



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I have a powercore IV^2Q and it doesn't use a gasket between the header and silencer! The silencer is a slip-fit over the header and you use the band clamp provided. One time, when I was at band clamp...anyway, hope this info is helpful.


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Just had the same problem last week. I got a piece of exhaust gasket material (like for making your own header gaskets & made a gasket. Perfect fit, the Yamaha gasket is too thick. I also put two raps of plumbers tape under the stock clamp to shim it up.

I called FMF and they said to use high temp silicone and no clamp. Seems like that would be extra work when changing oil (I have a '00 - have to remove the pipe to change the filter.)

Hope this helps.

My problem is that the pie and header and the same daimeter and won't slip over eachother. Thanks for the feedback.

May be obvious, but are you sure they shipped you the right pipe? Maybe you got a pipe for one of those yellow or red bikes!?

I've got a 01' YZ426f that i'm trying to install a powercore silentcer onto a powerbomb header. They don't look like they were made for each other. They won't slide together. Two compleatly different ends on them. The power core dosen't look like it fits on the stock header either. Am I missing somthing here?

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