quick shot 2 order in progress

hey everyone just ordered my quickshot 2 from the tt store hopefully i notice a difference, alot of people say good things about it so i hope i get the same results also not to mention its another mod to add to the list and looks badas$. Ill keep everyone posted on my experience.

I haven't heard much good about them, but I hope you have good results.

well the quick shot 2 came in today and i must say holy sh*t it made a huge difference bike pulls alot harder and dosnt bog out when i snap the throttle while moving but did notice that when i snap the throttle while in neutral sometimes it still has a slight bog i guess thats just a 4t thing as this is my first 4t im still getting used to it. but tomorrow im gonna check my jetting. ne suggestions?


  1. Learn to roll the throttle instead of snapping it. It's a 4-stroke thing. Open the throttle in a smooth motion, slowly at first, then more and more quickly as the engine responds, all over a period of less than a second. Just a few years ago, 4T's didn't have accelerator pumps at all. When you build up the AP to the point where you can "goon snap" the throttle, it usually leads to sloppy, overly rich performance at times like when working through a tight turn.
  2. It only takes one more keystroke to spell "any" the right way, and then you won't look lazy.


[*]It only takes one more keystroke to spell "any" the right way, and then you won't look lazy.

x2 I hate when people type like that:bonk:

And I was wondering what "ne" meant.....:eek:

i fixed my throttle snap bog by tying the accelerator pump arm directly to the throttle wheel...the only problem now is hanging on...

That same effect can be done by adding a o ring or 2 to the accelerator pump, timing the ap squirt and disconnecting the neutral position sensor. And all that cost you is 5 bucks for a thing of o rings compared to 90 bucks for the cover

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