Recommend a slip-on pipe, airfilter for 2011yz450f

Recommend me slip-on pipe and airfilter for a yz450f

thanks. I want something with the deep mellow sound and good gains.

Also what tuner?

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Tuner. ?

what kind of gains are you looking for?

Looking at the fmf 4.1, and twin air filter.

Smooth it out some and, low to mid.

MRD and twin air

GYTR tuner is the oem tuner and works well for most

If you want more precise control over fuel system you'll need a power commander 5

I think the gytr will be fine for the riding I will do, also the fmf 4.1 slip on seems to be a good choice, along with the twin air filter.

Gonna try the fmf and twin air first then if I need the gytr tuner I'll get it.

Also what about the pro circuit t-4 slip on, I like the thing that they give you a repacking kit and I think a silencer and spark arrestor too.

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