Exhaust Help

I can't seem to find much so hopefully this hasn't already been asked a million times. I wrecked my 06 yzf450 and beat the hell out of the muffler, but it was the stock one so I want to get a new one. I thought the main one to get was FMF but from what I did find when searching was a ton of other contenders like Dr. D and yoshimura. I'm sure there's more so now I'm lost in a haystack. I would like it to look good which the Dr. D's seem a little bland while the FMF really stands out. The Yoshimura looks good but I know nothing about them. I want it to have good power, noise isn't an issue. Are there any other brands out there I should be considering? Thanks for the help guys!

I love my FMF Ti powercore, Sounds badass and added a fairly noticable power gain to an already powerful machine. But thats me, Compare with other brands and you'll come to a choice on your own.

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