Riding around Deal's Gap and Robbinsville N.C.?

Anyone done some riding in this area? Or know of some good places to ride in this area? Heading up there at the end of the month on the sportbikes and gonna take the dirtbikes too. Need some suggestions.


Spent some time there during the early 90's. I only rode the paved section, 318 curves in not very many miles(can't recall the exact # of miles). Truly an amazing stretch of pavement. A supermoto bike would be THE hot set-up. The two-wheels only campground at one end of the section is a good place to hook up and get lots of info. Enjoy yourself and be careful. I am envious.

You gotta let me know how it turns out. I'm supposed to head up there at the end of October with my FZ1. Can't wait. Florida's just too darn flat and straight. :)

I have actually been to Deal's Gap several times. The Gap is awesome. Especially on a sportbike. A supermoto would be a lot of fun too. They always go flying by me on my R1 when I am up there. But I am looking for some good places to take the WR426F. There has to be some good places to ride the dirtbike up there. Help!!

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