oil dripping from breather


I've got a new 426. It seems to be running great (about 2 hours on it so far) but today about 15 minutes after I turned it off I noticed some oil dripping from the breather connected to the valve cover. Is this normal for a new bike? The first 1.5 hours or so was very slow (my wife was following on an XR-100 so it was mostly 1st/2nd gear just above idle) and today I got to really open it up for the first time. I'm thinking that maybe the rings weren't seated yet and it had more blow-by than normal or something. According to the manual it is ready to race after about 1.5 hours or so of riding, maybe I was TOO gentile and it's not fully broken in yet. Any ideas?


That is perfectly normal.

I put a pc of cardboard in the bottom of my truck after a ride to keep it clean.

yep g4 ya got no worries...

Very normal...good idea about the cardboard, I've always forget and get a drip or two on my trailer.

I was pretty worried after the first couple of rides on my 01 426. The bike didn't seem to have any snap and was lugging a bit for the first 20 min of each ride but always got better. On the third ride the problems dissapeared and have not returned. As a matter of fact my bike seems to get faster every time I ride it..... Could just be me LOL

P.S. If you experience abnormal arm pump and you have not thrown away the stock bars yet do it now! I recomend Tag T2 bars. Its amazing how much of a difference a good set of bars can effect comfort and fatigue.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I've only got about 2 hours of time on it so far, and none of it track time (all offroad). I can't WAIT to get to a track and try this thing out for real!!

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