clutch kit

What would u guys think would be a better clutch kit for my 99 yz 400f? I was looking at a wiseco or barnett kit. Not recluse or revloc they are out of my price range:excuseme:

If you are talking about just replacing/reconditioning your clutch, my preference is OEM Yamaha parts. People I know like the Barnett kits, although my luck with aftermarket clutch plates other than Hinson or GYT-R has been spotty, so I prefer not to use them.

I have to agree. I just installed a new EBC kit and a new cable and now I have almost no adjustment left for when the plates wear in. Next time i am going either OEM or Hinson.

Y i know thats why i wanted to ask around first. But does hinson make a complete clutch kit with spings and presure plates or do u have to buy everything seprate?

The complete kit contains the basket, inner hub, pressure plate, steel and fiber plates, springs, and finally the famous hinson clutch cover. You don't normally need all of these components IMO

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