19 inch rim on yz front hub

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to lace up a 19 inch rear rim from a 450 to a front yz hub? I know I would need to correct spokes but I need to know if the holes are the same. If not where could I find one. This is for a bmw 650 with a yz450 front end on it. I'm running a yz 21 inch front wheel and I want to make a 19 inch for street use.


I'd get in touch with Buchanan's Spoke & Rim. Those folks could likely set you up with a spoke kit & a rim, if you wanna do it yourself. Maybe they could sell you a complete wheel already laced up, or (hopefully not....) tell you it can't even be done....

I've bought spoke kits from them for my vintage bikes. They're good folks to deal with....


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