99 wr400 kickstart making clicking sound

i searched and didnt find anything close to my problem.

i replaced my impeller shaft and seals today and after i got everything back together and was about to fire it up until when i was kicking it the kickstart started clicking. i didnt start it cause i was worried that something big was wrong. tomorrow im guna take it back apart i guess and look at the spring thats on the kickstart shaft. anything else that it might be? it was running fine before. any help would be greatly apreciated. thanks

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different problem

This may sound silly, but mine either got tweaked or rotated somehow and when I kick it, it clicks when it hits the foot peg.

mine clicks all the way through the kick and it makes it harder to kick. if I pull the decompression lever in, I can almost set my boot on the kickstart. The noise is kinda like if you hold the kick down when the bikes running but it's alot louder

i took the cover back off and there seems to be wear on the back of the clutch basket. i dont know if it was there before but it does look like thats where the sound is coming from but i couldent find anything that could of been rubbing on it. also the kick starter gear and shaft seemed to have some free play in it so could that be the problem? if nobody says anything that it might be then im taking it to a shop cause i dont have a clue whats wrong.

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