My bike...... silicone Mike, did you jink me?

Last week I checked/adjusted the valves, changed the oil & installed my DVP needle (#4 clip) in preparation for the Cal Poly Penguins Hi Mountain DS ride. I go to start my bike up on the Thursday night and it's making a really strange noise at idle. I'm thinking is this a new noise or something I just didn't notice. I check the header for tightness, crack the oil fitting to make sure I've got oil to the head - noise is still there. So I take my bike & the wife's XR250R (memories of Moab at this point) to SLO figuring the friend that I'm staying with has a '01 WR426 - we'll start his bike to see if it's a noise I just missed or some new noise - it's a new noise, his bike doesn't make this scraping sound. So I ride the XR - great bike, just down on power for a guy my size - NH Kevin, I refrained just for you XOXO :) So I'm a little freaked out at this point - OMG what did I break? Well, digging around the site it looks like the culprit is most likely the counterbalancer/primary gear nut. Looks like I'm going into the right side of the bike starting tonight - arrrghhh :D

Is there something I did while doing the valves that caused this?

Monty - am I still allowed to ride with you guys on Saturday if I'm on the XR or my KX500? :D



What about the 1/2 circle size alignment clip that is in the top of the cam cap. (don't know what else to call it)

This could be a likely thing to drop out if you aren't paying attention.

Just a thought.


I got the half circlips installed correctly - I think.... :) Those things are a bitch to get aligned.

Actually, I pulled the valve cover the other night and checked everything out - it looks good as far as I can tell. I thought maybe the timing chain wasn't properly aligned on the tensioner but it looks okay.

The noise sounds like it is coming from the right side/clutch area - hmm, sounds more & more like the counterbalancer problem.

I'm so pissed..... I'll probably start taking the bike apart tonight in hopes of getting it back together for Saturday.



Maybe the evil spirit who lives in my engine has finally left.... :D . I hope it's nothing major. What kind of engineer are you anyway?.... :) . Seriously, good luck with the beast. I won't be going to Stonyford this weekend for obvious reasons but my bike should be mended shortly (time not height).. :D


Damnit Mike, have you been worshiping at the alter of Jobu (the movie Major League)? Is that why the evil spirit has left for bike for mine?

Seriously, I don't think the fix is too difficult but I won't be riding the WR this weekend. I figured I had better not take it apart until I've got the other 2 bikes back together - XR is getting a new TC so I can install bar risers/ProTapers & my KX just needs to be put back together so it is rideable.

What about coming up to Middle Creek again sometime soon? Now that it's not snowed in you might be able to enjoy the trails.


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