Bogging in whoops

I was practicing today, and when I would enter the whoop section, my bike(00 426) would bog as I applied the throttle to clear 2 or 3 at a time. I have the 45 pilot and 168 main installed, does the fuel screw need to turned out a little? The whoops are the only place it bogs, it doesn't do it coming out of turns or anywhere else.

check your float height, they may be getting a little sticky...

Also, check your vent hoses. If you haven't already, take a pair of scissors and cut the ends at about a 45degree angle. This helps to keep mud from plugging the ends and causing the symptom you describe. Check each hose from the carb all the way down to the bottom and make sure none are kinked.

Just to add to the vent hose idea, on my 2001 426 the bottom about 2" or so of each vent hose is split in half. I don't know if this offers an advantage over cutting at an angle..?..

Anyone mention the accel. pump? They get filled with crud easily.

Yep, the accelerator pump could be contributing to the bog. A #168 main jet seems abnormally rich to me. Is there any reason why you are running such a rich main for the '00? Now that we are getting into summer temperatures, you might want to experiment with going leaner on your main jet. I'm using a #158 with C-12 fuel. A #160 makes it blubber a little on top. The #158 gives really crisp throttle response right off idle and it revs cleanly all the way to the rev limiter...if I let it go that high.

I meant 165 main. I'll clean the carb tomorrow and see if that helps.

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