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I have recently purchased a WR450 and I'm learning how to ride every chance I get. I keep reading about stabilizers and triple clamps. Would anyone recommend a brand name, and how has it helped? The onther item I keep reading about is jetting. When do you need to changing jetting (i.e. riding @ 4,000 and above)

And finally, I live out in the Fontana area and would like to know where to ride in the mountains

I can't tell you any specifics but try doing some searches, you'll find all kinds of neeto-burito stuff, and welcome to TTalk :)


Any relation to Jeff Stanton? :D

I live over 3,000 ft and have to jet my bikes leaner. Since I ride a 250f I won't suggest anything but a little leaner over all circuits.

I put on a Scotts stabilizer and have been very happy. Mostly just for the safety factor off road. It has saved my butt quite a few times since I installed it earlier this year. :)

Do you really have to jet at 3,000? What's your relative humidity? I've taken my 426 up to 10,000'+ and while I would have benefitted from some sort of rejetting, it still ran remarkably well. My YZ250 is an other story.. I live at 2200', and I ride a track at 6000' Haven't taken the 250 up there yet, but that bike is taboo in this forum, so I'll shush now :)


I'm sure you don't have to jet for 3000ft, however when the temperature got to be 40 degrees (Celcius) last year, the bike gurgled and burped until I leaned it out. Now it works better being leaned out. Also, I just started to do Hare Scrambles last year and I found that the leaner pilot jet made hot starts much easier. Hot starts from tip overs in particular.

My spark plug is now a light tan color instead of a dark brown color.

Our RH is almost always less than 30%.

I wish, maybe if I was related I would know how to stay on the bike! :)

Stabilzer : safer riding, less arm pump. Go for it. Scotts is what I use but there are others that work (Ohlins in Europe - Ohlins makes them and sells them to Scott who rebrands them !)

If ypu are tall- taller bars and seat - world of difference.



I have been asking myself the same question, do I need to rejet... I live at sea level, and I have always been happy with the performance of the bike, so I was afraid to mess with a good thing. I did wonder though, how much performance I was leaving on the table.

I was riding recently and met a guy with a WR450. Among other things, he had the James Dean jetting. We rode for a while, even traded bikes. The 450 ran great, very smooth, flat torque curve for sure! Anyway, we ended up side by side on a smooth gravel road and boys will be boys you know, so it was on. We were both lower in the revs in 5th gear, around 45mph, and wicked it at the same time. Absolutely dead heat. Neither bike gained or lost more than a foot, and we kept her pinned until 75mph (trailtech). Not bad for a stock 426!

If we did it again, he might beat me, but as far as I am concerned, the moral to this story (for me) is to leave my jetting alone. If the bikes are that close power wise, then in my book, they are dead even, and the only variable left is rider skill (of which I usually come up short). Therefore, if I wanna go faster, I will concentrate my efforts on tweaking the suspension, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!

If you live at sea level, the bike is probably jetted correctly. You will know when you need to jet leaner when the bike feels like it has no power and it just gurgles. For me that happened at 3,000 ft, 40 (110) degrees, 10%RH, uphill sand whoops.

After I leaned every circuit it worked like it used to again.

The right answer again is: it depends :)

It's starting to get colder, and I'm thinking of moving my needle to the 4th position. If it was only easier to get at.... :D

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