Stock exhaust worth keeping?

I have a stock exhaust for a 2008 YZ450f with lexx exc sparky end cap in my garage taking up room. Is it worth keeping around or should I sell it? Is there any advantage to keeping it other than if I bend my FMF pipe?

You know that as soon as you sell it, you will wad up the FMF pipe!

none other than a spare, i would still keep it for that reason, I thought about selling my stock system when I got a set of Leo Vince duals.

Wrecked them first time out :eek:

Anything i take off the bike I now put into a box as a spare, even old chains to get me through a day.

if you ever trade it in or sell it, keep the stock exhaust! dealers won't give anything for aftermarket type stuff.

I'm a minimalist. I like to keep a clean garage. Extra cash from quick sales is good. Having said that, I keep spare silencers/slipons/exhausts because for me it's not a case of IF but WHEN I'll need it.

I'm the same over here, but I went a different route. I can't stand the stock system so I bought 2 aftermarket exhaust systems in case I wad up the one mounted on my bike. I'm going to be putting my '09 up for sale pretty soon and I'm going to put the new OEM system back on it, it's always nice to have the stocker available for a potential buyer.

When I sold my '05 crf450r I lost a sale partially because the potential buyer wanted the stock system on the bike. And really, how much would cash you end up with from selling that pipe ? Prob. not a whole lot anyway.

I guess I just have to make room somewhere and deal with i taking up space because every point I came up with has been addressed here.

I hang old pipes up in my attic from the rafters.

They make nice wall hangings.

The aftermarket pipes don't normally help you get a higher price at resale. So I refit my bikes back to stock when it's time to sell them. Then I sell the aftermarket parts that won't transfer over to my new bike.

Besides, if you try to sell the stock system you won't get dirt for it. Nearly everyone that owns an '08 or '09 has one hanging in their garage and no one wants them. You won't get any buyers.


Aftermarket stuff doesn't raise the price, but if there are two of the kind of bike you want to buy for sale in the same condition at the same price, one stock, and one with several hundred dollars of add-ons, which one do you buy?

They won't raise the price, but they will make the bike sell faster in most cases.

another thing to add.

I dont know about your races, but in ireland there are very strict sound limits, if you have an aftermarket exhaust you will be sound tested, if you're even 1DB over you will be refused. So its handy to keep the stock to bolt on quickly if the above should happen

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