oil ?

Hey I have about 12 things of torco t-4r synthetic blend oil sitting in my garage is it good to run in my 98 yz400f?

is it jaso ma rated?

I'm assuming that you meant you've got 12 quarts of T4S-R ? Yes, it's fine. It's Torco's premium synthetic motorcycle oil and meets/exceeds JASO MA/API SG.


You're going to have people chiming in here telling you to run this oil, or that oil, because they believe that the particular oil they're running is the best thing since slice bread. That's fine though, everyone's entitled to an opinion.

If you don't want to run that Torco, you can send it to me ! :eek:

Yep, I'd run it in my '09 if I had a case in the garage.

The best oil you can get is the one that is the right grade and paid for. Go use it.

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