I'm Back!!!!

After spending 3 hrs with a Microsoft online phone help with no success, the

guy personally drove up from Tuscon (1.5 hr away) and fixed my computer!!!

He actually thanked me about 5 times something about the "valuable


We went to the lake and he had a Seadoo boat and I brought my Ski too. Went

to the complete other end of the lake and my battery cr*pped out and he

towed me all the way back in. His G/F got one very short ride on ski's and

that was it. I felt really bad about the shortened day, but it did not phase


He wanted to go to the lake tomorrow and I offered a room for him to stay

but he got a last minute call to fix a server. Said he will be back tomorrow

for the lake and might bring some stuff to update my computer. His G/F was

even sharper then him and helped bring me back on-line as my cable modem

would not work either. While she was working on mine, he fixed two old

computers my roomate had laying around. It was like a competition between

the two. Oh and they had been up since 5 helping a friend build there new


Tried to force money on him and he didn't want it, but after all the work he

did he accepted a $50.00 check.

Luckily I was able to have a pizza delivered before he left, and told him

anytime he wants to go the lake again he has a place to stay.

Nice to know people like this still exist...

Anyway, it's nice to be back, I was jones'en for my ThumperTalk fix.


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