Dunlop M71 Geomax Hard Terrain for WR250R?

I am a new owner of a 2008 WR250R and I have put about 300 miles on it so far. I am from a dirt bike back ground and only ride the street to get to the dirt. I want a tire that is: cheap, works good on the Arizona hard terrain, & will last. The reviews that I have read on the Dunlop M71 are good and I can have them shipped to my door for about $130 usd.

The stock tires scare the hell out of me at least 6 times a ride. I finally went down on my last ride after loosing the front end so the tires have to go ASAP.

In Arizona you can street legal almost anything and I have never heard of any police checking for DOT approved tires in Arizona so I'm not concerned with that.

My questions:

What do you think of these tires?

What size will work best off-road: rear 110/90-18 or 120/90-18

front 80/100-21 or 90/100-21

Will they hold together for the occasional 30 mile pavement run at 70 mph?

What added safety do the DOT tires provide on road?



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If you're going to use those Dunlop MX71 tires, I'd go with sizes 80/100-21 and 110/90-18.

I don't use Dunlop MX71s myself, but I really like the Bridgestone competitor to those, the Bridgestone M23 front and M22 rear.

These are also hard terrain tires, and for that, they are excellent.

I've used these tires on my off-road and dual-purpose bikes for at least 20 years (they came out in 1981, believe it or not, and are still produced).

The sizes I use with the Bridgestones are 80/100-21 and 100/100-18 (which is actually the proper-sized rear tire for your WR-250R, in all honesty, as the MX71 choices are both a bit bigger).

These days, I use them on my 2009 WR-250F.

They are full-on motocross/off-road tires, too, so they're not DOT aproved.

The MX71 or the Bridgestones will hold together on the street, but they won't last long if you ride some substantial milage with them on the street.

I wouldn't expect them to remain nice and new for many rides if you have to ride the pavement for 30 minutes to get to your riding spot.

In fact, after one hour on the street, you'll be noticing the wear.

That's to be expected with blocks of rubber sticking up an inch or so with nice, sharp edges when new.

DOT tires, like the stock tires that come on a WR-250R, are actually quite safe to use on the street because that's really their main mission in life.

Their off-road ability is basically dirt roads and easy stuff like that.

If you want to ride it like a dirt bike, you need some knobbies, for sure.

Motocross knobbies are not as safe on the street because they have less rubber touching the road, and the rubber compound won't last that long on the road.

Thank for the input YZetc. I will check out the M22/23. My house is on a dirt roads with the national forest trails 2 miles away so very little road riding.

I wanted to share a little research for others. All the information is from the Manufactures so actual size may vary:

Tire............................Speed Rating..... Diameter F/R..........Width F/R

Trail Wing (stock)...........93 mph.............27.5 / 25.7.............3.3 / 4.7 inches

Dunlop 606....................106 mph...........27.7 / 26.8.............3.5 / 4.8 inches

Dunlop MX71..................81mph.............27.7 / 26.1..............3.7 / 4.9 inches

I don't like the fact that the Dunlop 606 is over and inch taller in the back raising the seat another 1/2 inch.

I don't like the lower speed rating on the dirt only tires. Also, I don't want to be afraid of paved runs between trails if the need arises so I think I will go with a DOT tire after all.

Any thought on the tires below and thier cost for 2 tires:

Pirelli MT21.......$147

Michelin AC10...$134

Dunlop D606.....$164

I will be doing 80% dirt (hard packed, some sand washes) and I want a tire that will last. I like the fact the the Michelin AC10 comes in the smaller 100/100-18 rear.

Thanks for the help!

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I use D606s on hard terrain and use the road as a means to get to the dirt. I don't ride the roads on the WR250R as I don't want to kill off the tires, and also have a road bike for that.

Plenty of off road traction, great on roads, ideal for the bike.

Is the D606 really an inch taller than the Trail Wing since it is a 120/90 instead of the 120/80.

Is the D606 really an inch taller than the Trail Wing since it is a 120/90 instead of the 120/80.

It's pretty tall. I also swapped to a 47t rear sprocket at the same time, it was quite a difference. Now my second gear is only slightly high than first was. Much better for off road than stock. If you're really hard core ( but then, why would you be using a WRR?) you might want lower gearing.

I use rim locks front and rear, a must with tires that have traction, which the stock tires don't have.

The terrain I ride is mostly rock, with some loose shale and a little clay. The D606s have al the traction I can use, maybe more. I can almost do a stoppie on dirt roads. Couldn't do that with the DWs.

I love the price on the Kenda K760 Trackmaster II at only $96 shipped to my door, but I think they work best in soft soil (mud & sand). I don't think they would work well in the rock hard deserts of Arizona and that is where all of my riding will be.

I will take a look at the reviews. Thanks for your input Sarah.

After reading the reviews I may give it another look since they call it a intermediate to hard terrain tire. Can't go wrong for the price.

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After many hours of reading reviews I decided to mix it up a bit.

I went for the Kenda K760 rear 100/100-18 ($49) and the Pirelli MT21 front ($69) 90/90-21. I also preferred the smaller 100/100 K760 over the 120/90 offered on most other brands since they are about the same height as the stock tires.

The Kenda for the rear was not my first choice but the price made me decide to give them a try. The Kenda front tire has gotten some bad reviews so it was between the Perelli MT12 or the Michelin AC10. They were the same price but I liked the looks and reviews; only slightly better, on the MT12. Also, I liked the fact that the MT12 was a little wider than the stock front (90/90 vs 80/100). I heard you should run the Kendas for 30 easy road miles to break them in so they don't chuck up in the rocks.

Every one seems to like the Dunlop D606, but they were a lot more $ and I wanted to try something different. If I don't like my new tires I will try the Dunlops next.

Anything has to be better than the stock Trail Wings (off-road). I can't wait to try my new tires out!

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They will wear out soon enough. The Bridgestones ( I believe) were designed with reduced noise in mind. The D606s are quite obvious in the noise dept, but the TWs weren't.

Where I live and ride a soft terrain tire would be close to useless. Each area has it's needs.

I went for my first ride on my new tires last night and wanted to pass on what I learned. The ride consisted of 15 miles of pavement, 5 miles of deep sand wash, and 15 miles of hard packed desert jeep trails (some single track), and 1 rocky hill climb.

My new MT21 front tire:

Felt good on the pavement without much noise or vibration. Had good floatation in the sand. It looks much larger than the stock tire and it does weigh more. It seemed to stick good in the hard packed and never gave me any surprises. No sign of wear after the ride.

New rear tire K760:

Felt fine to me on the pavement, but I don't do much street riding. In the sand the rows of knobbies work like a small paddle tire. This made it easy for me to power out of sandy corners keeping the front wheel light. It also felt good on the hard packed in both acceleration and braking. The tire weighs about the same as the stock tire since it is not as wide, but is the same height. Post ride inspection showed some rounding off on all the middle knobbies.

Final thoughts: I really like the front tire and think it will last a long time. I am happy with the back tire, but it may not last very long. I really did not like riding my WR250R in the dirt with the stock tires, but now it is a lot more fun. It feels faster, lighter, and much more predictable with the new tires.

Note: I did some buy some Dunlop M71 for my Honda CRF150F and really like them.

Knobby tires while off-road make all the difference in the world. :eek:

It really is amazing just how much difference the proper tires can make. That goes for road tires as well.

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