Trouble With 2000 yz426f!

I was out riding my bike recently when I was in 4th gear about mid throttle and it killed on me.I started it again an got back down on it an it did the same thing.Afterwards,the bike didn't want to start at all an it felt as if it had lost spark plug still won't start..could this be the valves.??I hope this is an easy fix..

Is there still a good amount of resistance when you try to start it ?

Some resistance,but not like it should

i would do a compression check.

I'm getting it checked out today..I hope its not anything major..

Did you make sure the valve shims where seated well? I once had a couple of them not seat all the way, which then held the valve slightly open and it woundn't start.

That was after you worked on it. It won't happen while it's running.

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