2010 yz450 OEM special edition plastics?

I have a 10 YZ450 white/black edition (I think the call it special edition). Anyway, had an unfortunate run in with my radiator and a hidden log. Ripped off the lower radiator shroud and ruined the radiator.

I really like the textured black plastic that comes stock and none of the replacement companies (polisport, acerbis, etc) seem to match this style. When I go look at the OEM parts microfiche on all online sites, they only list the blue color scheme.

Anyone know how to get stock replacement plastics with the black/white color scheme?


There will be two different part #'s for the blue and the white version.

It's the same for both versions if you are talking about the lower part (The Radiator shroud is 2 pieces)..............they are both black. If you are talking about the upper part, the left side is DUCT UR FOR PWS1


The right side is DUCT UR FOR PWS1


Thanks - yes, it is the lower part only. I swear I looked at a picture of the blue bike and both top and bottom were blue. Went back and searched again and sure enough, bottom is black on both.

Looks like that makes it easy for me :eek:.

Appreciate it!

check the GYTR parts section

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